Keynote Speakers

Prof. Juan Rojas
Development status and future prospect of bionic robot
As a new subject, robot technology plays a very important role in the rapid development of industry today, and its development is closely related to the development of mechatronics, mechatronics, control principles and other disciplines. As a major branch of the robot field, bionic robot can be said to be a field that can not be ignored in this century, and it will also be the general direction of robot development in the future. This report expounds the definition of bionics and bionic robots, systematically reviews and summarizes the main achievements of domestic and foreign experts and scholars on bionic robots in recent years, and briefly summarizes the future development trend of bionic robots.

Prof. Yihu Wu
Man machine cooperative control of intelligent vehicle
Human-machine cooperation refers to the working scene in which people and automatic machines share the working space and work at the same time. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet technology, communication technology and computer technology, intelligent vehicles based on electrification, intelligence and networking have become a major trend in the development of the automotive industry. The American Association of Automotive Engineers has divided the development of intelligent vehicles into six levels: manual driving, driving assistance, partial automation,condition automation high automation and full automation. Although the intelligent technology of vehicles with different levels and functions develops rapidly, it is difficult to realize the real automatic driving under all working conditions in a short time. Therefore, for a long time in the future, intelligent vehicles will inevitably face the situation of man-machine cooperative control. In this report, the research status of driver modeling and dynamic optimal control of human-machine driving rights in human-machine cooperative control of intelligent vehicles is introduced in detail. At the same time, the research status of intelligent vehicle testing and evaluation at home and abroad is briefly introduced, the common problems are extracted, and some views on the development trend of human-machine cooperative control are put forward.

Prof. Dongguo Li
3D printing technology and industrial design
As an advanced manufacturing technology of rapid prototyping, the application and research of 3D printing in the field of industrial design has become the focus of attention. This report introduces the application and research status of 3D printing in the field of industrial design, discusses the existing problems of 3D printing in the field of industrial design, and finally looks forward to the application of 3D printing in the field of industrial design in the future.